For too long we have thought of only the immediate or short term implications of our actions. The farthest ahead we can think is “within our lifetime” or “for our children’s children”. But it is our responsibility to preserve this planet far beyond far beyond that time frame and teach future generations how to sustain it properly. And we have to do the same with our businesses and infrastructure- all of it works together, impacting our future.

E-Design™ is a way to conserve, protect and reduce waste.  Having the knowledge to predict life cycles affords us the ability to measure and anticipate the consequences of unintended wear and waste.

In this book you will read a parable of two people, Paul and Lisa, who own a design business. They are entrenched in doing things the old familiar way, but are open to new, more productive ideas. Through a colleague, they learn there’s another way. It’s a fresh, environmentally conscious, more efficient kind of design that brings higher profits while doing the right thing for the natural world. Join Paul and Lisa as they discover how to combine environmental responsibility and higher profitability through E-Design™.