Life is change, they say, and that certainly includes technology.  The tools we use for our jobs, the ways we do research, and our ways of communicating, all are changing at a fast pace.

The new century finds us at a precipice of thought, in this country and the rest of the world.  We have an opportunity to build a community of thought leaders – that creative class of people who have the insight and confidence to innovate and promote positive, practical ideas — who can move the rest of the world to help protect our environment.  Imagine landscaping that maintains the great look of the original design while the plants live longer, require less watering and pruning, and lead to lower restoration - landscaping that has an immediate impact on both the environment’s health and your company’s bottom line. 

The E-Design™ model isn’t just a landscaping strategy.  It’s a philosophy intended to conserve our most valuable resources: time, money, energy, and nature itself.  I believe that, by designing with an end result in mind — as opposed to traditional design, which only deals with the immediate effect — we can control distractions, interruptions, and other unnecessary waste.  If we’re able to think along these lines, we can improve our quality of life, our immediate environment, our bottom line, and our planet. 

E-Design™ is a landscaping concept that is sustainable — from an ecological, engineering and conservation standpoint.

E-Design™ reduces waste, increases productivity, prolongs the useful life of landscape plants, and cuts costs, both monetary and human, for homeowners and businesses everywhere. 

We believe that to Design with the End in Mind is an overall business and life philosophy.  For too long, we’ve thought only of the immediate or short-term implications of our actions.  The farthest ahead we can think is “within our lifetime,” or “for our children’s children.  ” But we have to preserve our planet and teach our children and our children’s children how to preserve it, too.  We have to do the same with our businesses and infrastructure.  All of it works together, impacting the future.  E-Design™ is the key to that within our industry.  It’s a way to conserve, to protect, and to make the future safe. 

One of the biggest paradigm shifts that needs to happen is within the “Green” community itself.  People believe they need to “buy Green” in order to conserve both money and resources.  These folks need to understand that their first step should be identifying waste in their current practices before they go out and buy Green products.  Honestly, you can’t counteract an oil spill with a couple of fluorescent light bulbs.  Clean up the oil spill first!

We have to identify wasteful habits and inefficient practices in our current lifestyle at the same time as we’re buying fluorescent light bulbs and EnergyStar-certified washing machines and hybrid cars.  Before your company or your household goes out and buys anything at all, look at your company practices and look for opportunities for savings that already exist within your organization. 

We can make environmentally friendly and protective practices extremely profitable and beneficial.  We must base this new Green Economicability on and efficient use of existing resources, productivity, and saving costs through conservation and elimination of waste.